Lizardmen for Kings of War

I’ve been working with Neldoreth to playtest and tweak the Reptilemen army list that he designed for use in Kings of War. It’s been a lot of fun and I think that we’ve come up with a balanced list that is exciting to use. You can download a copy of the army list from his Hour of Wolves website here. For testing, I’ve been using my mostly assembled but unpainted GW Lizardmen figs and the fun I’ve been having with KoW has inspired me to get going on the project. I’m going to theme the bases around a jungle like swamp/marsh that has some human settlement on it. The Lizards will be driving those pesky bastards out of the jungle and back to where ever they came from! Below are photos of some work-in-progress bases that I recently started making as well as some temporary model placement shots that I’ll use for reference when the painting is complete and I glue the figs onto the finished bases. I also picked up a new tool/toy that I plan to use extensively in this project. It’s an Iwata CR Revolution air brush, complete with pistol grip moisture trap, fancy hose, and a brushrest/cleaning station. For a compressor I’m using a 3 gallon Master Craft compressor that I picked up from Canadian Tire for use in my renos. So far it has serve well for staplers and nail guns so I’ve no doubt it will be more than enough for painting… if not a tad loud. Hopefully I catch on to the technique quickly and don’t have to redo too many lizards!


WiP Emperor’s Champion

Progress on my Orks has been coming along quite well and I’ve taken some pictures of the finished models however most of them turned out blurry though so I need to reshoot. I also took some shots of a nearly finished Emperor’s Champion model I’m using as a test figure to finalize the colour scheme for my Black Templars army. I’d say he’s about 95% complete. Enjoy and I’ll have some Ork shots ready to go in the next day or so!


The project that I’ve been focusing on is to paint my 40k ork army. I’ve got all of the figs assembled and about half of them painted. Today I was putting down a wash on 20 model squad of boyz including one nob. I haven’t gotten around to photographing any of the finished orks yet but I took a couple snaps of today’s work. This particular army came about primarily because none of our regular group has an ork army and we had various models floating around from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set and other older acquisitions. As such the primary goal is to get the army finished and playable without worrying too much about how good they look. I did try to make some dynamic poses and do some characterful conversion work but for painting I just want them to look good on the table.
The two close shots of the boy with the big shoota is from a previously completed unit. You’ll notice what I mean about paint job quality; it looks sort of messy so close up but at table top distance it looks quit nice! 😀

Hands of Mars Update

I’ve been meaning to take some photos of the dreadnoughts that I hadn’t finished when first photographing the Hands of Mars. I had a chance to shoot and upload them as well as some limited edition adeptus mechanicus models from 1992 that I’ll be using as a command squad or assault marine unit. I’ve also been wanting to incorporate dreadnought droppods into the list but since the Forge World model is way too much money for what you get I decide to try my hand at scratch building some. I found some build plans and went to work. While the end result isn’t identical to the Forge World one, I think it’s quite convincing. What do you think?

Scratchbuilting has been an interesting process and I plan to do Imperial Warhound Titan at somepoint as well. The first one I did was built completely out of paper card stock, balsa wood and a couple of bits. The next one I’m working on will use plasticard instead of paper. The process takes a bit longer but the end result should be sharper. Below are some work in progress photos of the plasitcard model as well as some selections from the new Hands of Mars photos. The full selection has been added to the army gallery here.