DreadBall Kickstarter

I mentioned Mantic‘s new DreadBall game in part two of my GenCon highlights post and since then the DreadBall Kickstarter campaign for it has exploded. Read more of this post


GenCon 2012, Part Two

Welcome to part two of my highlights from GenCon 2012!
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I’ve too been caught up with renos and other things to sit down and paint lately, so things have been slow on the miniatures front but I want to help spread the hype for Warpath and give Kings of War another mention on the blog. If you haven’t already heard, Mantic is now beta testing their new FREE sci fi rules set called Warpath, which was written by Alessio Cavatore. It uses the same core mechanics as Kings of War and so far it looks very very promising. Neldoreth and I are planning to give it a test run this Thursday so I’ll report about my thoughts then.