Game Review: Death Angel

Death Angel by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG)
Official Death Angel Website

Death Angel is a cooperative, card-based board game for 1 to 6 players. The players control a varying number of space marine terminator teams, dependent on the number of players, who venture through an ancient space hulk filled with Tyranid genestealers. It’s fast paced, exciting, and nerve-wracking. Death, on both sides, happens fast and frequently.
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Book Review: The Horus Heresy – Books 1 through 5

HappyDD was kind enough to send along his review of the first five novels in The Horus Heresy series:

Throughout this review I am going to use a lot of jargon from the 40K universe without defining it, as it would be too laborious to define everything. This is intended to be read by those with a passing familiarity with the universe.

The first five books of The Horus Heresy series by Black Library are part of an indefinite series that currently stands at 50,000 books (ok, so it’s currently at a book 18 being published in January 2012, but damn this is a long series). Read more of this post

WiP Emperor’s Champion

Progress on my Orks has been coming along quite well and I’ve taken some pictures of the finished models however most of them turned out blurry though so I need to reshoot. I also took some shots of a nearly finished Emperor’s Champion model I’m using as a test figure to finalize the colour scheme for my Black Templars army. I’d say he’s about 95% complete. Enjoy and I’ll have some Ork shots ready to go in the next day or so!

Audio Book Review: Heart of Rage

Heart of Rage by James Swallow

What I liked:

  • The production level was high and used some nice sound effects and ambient noise to help portray a vivid environment.

What I didn’t like:

  • The voices for many of the actors were irritating. One of the main characters sounded more like a spoiled brat than a space marine.
  • At only 72 minutes long the story was far too short and there wasn’t enough time to develop the characters. I found myself not caring about what happened to any of them.
  • The arrogant self righteousness between characters was irritating. This has long been a peeve of mine with 40k fiction.


I was hesitant to write a review for this at all because I was very unimpressed with it, but maybe someone who is considering buying or listening to it will read this and save their time and money. Unless you are a completest, avoid.

On a more general note, in regards to 40k fiction, one of my biggest dislikes is the tired repetition of the obvious, something that plagues the Heart of Rage. I understand that a book or audio drama (as Heart of Rage is marketed) has to be somewhat self supporting and supply a new reader with enough information to understand the subject matter… especially in a universe as complex as that of W40k. That said, the reader should not be presumed to be mentally incompetent and doesn’t need to be reminded every 15 minutes. Further to that, the mechanisms used to do this in 40k fiction are often annoyingly illogical. I’ll never understand why genetically modified super humans who train for decades before serving in elite units of dedicated brethren need to be reminded who they are and what they fight for. A narrative that simply explains it without a bunch of ridiculous dialogue would be much nicer in my opinion.

Hands of Mars Update

I’ve been meaning to take some photos of the dreadnoughts that I hadn’t finished when first photographing the Hands of Mars. I had a chance to shoot and upload them as well as some limited edition adeptus mechanicus models from 1992 that I’ll be using as a command squad or assault marine unit. I’ve also been wanting to incorporate dreadnought droppods into the list but since the Forge World model is way too much money for what you get I decide to try my hand at scratch building some. I found some build plans and went to work. While the end result isn’t identical to the Forge World one, I think it’s quite convincing. What do you think?

Scratchbuilting has been an interesting process and I plan to do Imperial Warhound Titan at somepoint as well. The first one I did was built completely out of paper card stock, balsa wood and a couple of bits. The next one I’m working on will use plasticard instead of paper. The process takes a bit longer but the end result should be sharper. Below are some work in progress photos of the plasitcard model as well as some selections from the new Hands of Mars photos. The full selection has been added to the army gallery here.

Incoming Space Marines

The Hands of Mars Space Marines army has been added to the army galleries. There are a few models missing because I have to take some update photos. The current images were taken about 6 months ago before I made some significant changes to the army. The Hands of Mars started from the idea of doing a Space Marines army list with 6 dreadnoughts in it. To accomplish this in terms of codex rules, you have to take the Master of the Forge as an HQ choice. The Master of the Forge is essential a high ranking tech marine, so this lead to the idea of making the army a successor chapter to the Iron Hands, who are heavy on mechanical augmentation. This also fits perfect with the dreadnought heavy theme. The army uses a combination of modified Imperial Fists iconography (although the modifications are not present in the current photos) and Iron Hands iconography. There are a few figures in the army that are converted using legs and arms from the old first generation Necrons figures that were all metal and looked horrible compared to the current plastic Necrons figures. There are several other conversions through out the army as well as some Forge World figures and bits. I’ll be updating the gallery with the missing dreadnoughts as soon as I can.
Below are a few selection images from the Hands of Mars gallery:


Unfortunately, it could be a little while before I’m able to take the update photos because fortunately I’m in the process of buying a new house. When the sale goes through I’ll be busy doing renovations and moving but the end result will include a bigger and more functional office/painting room in addition to a dedicated gaming room! I plan to document the renovation process here and hopefully inspire people who have similar opportunities in the future. Doing so will also allow me to keep posting content despite the potential lack of actual gaming and painting that may occur.