IG vs Necrons

My two previous updates included the addition of my Imperial Guard and Necrons armies. Entirely out of coincidence, I came across some photos of a game that my brother and I played around four years ago using those very armies, so I thought i would share them here. You’ll notice that some of the models are unpainted in the pictures. I actually finished painting both armies later that year.  *Update* Looks like there were some Eldar on the table as well at some point.


The Necrons are ‘phased’ in…

The Necrons army page is up now, with a gallery of images. I was originally painting this army for my brother but I inherited it when he ditched his friends for another city 😛

Despite what I’ve read and heard about the reduced effectiveness of the Necrons under the 5th edition rule set I still find them to still have a competitive edge. If anything, they are more balanced now and you can’t just rely on the same old power tactics that were used before.

From a paint standpoint, I intend to revisit it and add some washes and more distinct highlights when the Necrons get an updated codex and likely some new models. There is some conversion and diorama work strewn through out to add spice and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Here are a few of my favorites from the army.

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