Game Review: Full Thrust

This review is the result of my first few games of Full Thrust with Neldoreth last Tuesday. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died immediately and I wasn’t able to get any photos of the action.

*** Update (April 4, 2011): Neldoreth hooked me up with a photo that he took of our game and I’ve included it later in the review! ***

Full Thrust

Full Thrust by Ground Zero Games
Official GZG website

Full Thrust is an easy to comprehend skirmish-style rule system for space ship combat. It includes basic and advanced rules, multiple battle scenarios, ship design rules, and a campaign system. In addition to the Full Thrust rules, there are several expansion supplements – More Thrust and two Fleet Books – which expand the rules. All of the rules are currently available for download, for free. This review will cover elements from Full Thrust and More Thrust.
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Simple rules, highly recommended.

When you play as many different games as I do (and that probably isn’t even that many compared to some people), a common problem is that you end up not playing some games frequently enough to remember the rules. This can be particularly difficult with complex rules, that are subject to frequent change. Take Warhammer 40k for example. I’ve been playing it for about ten years and gone through two changes to the core rules along with numerous changes to army specific codex rules. Playing different armies at sporadic intervals all while trying to get a solid grip on the core rules is big challenge when you have rules for other games floating around in your head. Unless I’m playing on a regular basis for a few weeks, my group generally spends far too much time having to reference the book for some obscure or finicky rule, or situation that may create an exception to the rule. Throw in the possibility that we’re trying a new army or an army we rarely play and looking up rules becomes even more time-consuming. If we weren’t so heavily ‘invested’ in the game and the world wasn’t so intriguing I wouldn’t bother.
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Imperial Navy Battlefleet Complete

Well I’ve just finished painting and photographing the Imperial fleet and its project page is up and ready for viewing. Some info and commentary about the fleet is on the page as well.

I decided two things when I shot these photos tonight. One: I desperately need to buy a small tripod because I’m too shaky for handheld macro action. Two: I need to stop slacking when it comes to shooting space. I’m going to build some proper display boards and backing so that I don’t have to crop out all of the distracting crap on my desk.

That’s all for now. I’m off for some board gaming.