Roman battle action using KoWHAC

On Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of playing some Kings of War Historical Ancient Battles with Neldoreth and another gaming buddy. We pitted two Roman armies against each other. Both armies were primarily comprised of legionary units but there were some barbarians, light cavalry, and skirmishers as thrown in as well.
Below is a photo report of the battle, along with some explanatory captions.
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Horus Heresy battle report

HappyDD wrote up a narrative battle report of our first Horus Heresy game last Thursday and sent it along for me to post here. Enjoy 🙂

Horus Heresy
Alternate History – WWaSP (Traitor Forces) vs. HappyDD (Imperial Forces) in the
Battle for Terra.
Result: Imperial Victory with the death of Horus.

The siege of Terra began with a bombardment of the planet that changed its surface, opening massive crevasses that scared the landscape. After this bombardment, the traitors began landing forces on the planet to form a beachhead. The first drop pods of the traitors landed Angron and World Eaters forces at Space Port Primus and Death Guard forces at Eternity Well Spaceport.
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