GenCon 2012, Part One

Yesterday I returned from my first trip to GenCon. I’ve wanted to attend to this epic convention for the last 20 years and finally made it happen. I was joined by a good friend of mine, Alchemist. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but both Alchemist and I agreed that had we attended 15 years ago, it would have been exponentially more awesome. Considering we are both much more mature and responsible with our money than in those days of frivolity, not to mention less starstruck when seeing or meeting celebrities and such, there was slightly less magic to the trip.
We got to play a lot of different games, attend several events, and usually remembered to take pictures. Below are some photos and highlights from the trip.
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Game Review: Death Angel

Death Angel by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG)
Official Death Angel Website

Death Angel is a cooperative, card-based board game for 1 to 6 players. The players control a varying number of space marine terminator teams, dependent on the number of players, who venture through an ancient space hulk filled with Tyranid genestealers. It’s fast paced, exciting, and nerve-wracking. Death, on both sides, happens fast and frequently.
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An Open (Video) Letter to Games Workshop

I couldn’t agree more with what is said in this video!

Book Review: Enforcer

Enforcer by Matthew Farrer

Enforcer is an omnibus of books about the Adeptus Arbites (the Imperial law enforcement and judicial body). The books include Crossfire, Legacy, and Blind as well as three small dossiers of bonus material. The stories are focused on Shira Calpurnia, a recently promoted Arbites officer who arrives at her new post to begin her elevated duties. The post is situated on the capital planet in a foreign system with unfamiliar customs and traditions. Amidst the chaos of trying to find her bearings, she is subject to an assassination attempt and quickly thrown into a full-fledged investigation without time to adjust to the new environment. Read more of this post

Book Review: Soul Hunter

Soul Hunter by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Aaron Dembski-Bowden is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. He has an incredible ability to draw the reader in to complex scenarios without getting bogged down on unimportant details while maintaining a rich atmosphere and intriguing characters, even when they are destined to die a chapter into their introduction. The other book I’ve read by him is Helsreach and, as with Soul Hunter, I had trouble putting it down. Read more of this post

Book Review: The Horus Heresy – Books 1 through 5

HappyDD was kind enough to send along his review of the first five novels in The Horus Heresy series:

Throughout this review I am going to use a lot of jargon from the 40K universe without defining it, as it would be too laborious to define everything. This is intended to be read by those with a passing familiarity with the universe.

The first five books of The Horus Heresy series by Black Library are part of an indefinite series that currently stands at 50,000 books (ok, so it’s currently at a book 18 being published in January 2012, but damn this is a long series). Read more of this post

Game Review: Full Thrust

This review is the result of my first few games of Full Thrust with Neldoreth last Tuesday. Unfortunately, my camera batteries died immediately and I wasn’t able to get any photos of the action.

*** Update (April 4, 2011): Neldoreth hooked me up with a photo that he took of our game and I’ve included it later in the review! ***

Full Thrust

Full Thrust by Ground Zero Games
Official GZG website

Full Thrust is an easy to comprehend skirmish-style rule system for space ship combat. It includes basic and advanced rules, multiple battle scenarios, ship design rules, and a campaign system. In addition to the Full Thrust rules, there are several expansion supplements – More Thrust and two Fleet Books – which expand the rules. All of the rules are currently available for download, for free. This review will cover elements from Full Thrust and More Thrust.
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