Warhammer: Invasion – Calgary Area Regionals 2012

The Calgary-area Warhammer: Invasion 2012 Regionals are coming! Come join in the fun and play for great prizes as well as a chance to compete in the 2012 FFG world championship.

Note: Details on this page are subject to change. Please check back frequently.
Last updated: April-30-2012

Saturday, May 19th, 2012
Registration starts at 10 am, tournament starts at 10:30 am.

The Sentry Box
1835 – 10th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

$15 per person.
You can preregister via email or in person. You may also prepay via PayPal or in person to qualify for an Early Bird Prize.

To preregister in person, head down to the Sentry Box on Thursday evenings during Open Gaming hours and talk to the Local Living Card Game League.

To preregister by email, send a message to calgaryinvasionregional@gmail.com with “CALGARY W:I 2012 REGIONALS REGISTRATION” in the subject line and include the following information:

Email address
Will you be prepaying electronically to qualify for an early bird prize?
Are you attending from out of town?

You will receive a confirmation email that must be brought to the event during registration.
If you indicate that you are paying electronically, instructions on how to do so will be included in your confirmation email.

Players will compete in a number of Swiss rounds adequate to determine the top eight players. For further information see the Rules section below.

The top eight players will compete against each other in Best-of-Three playoff matches to determine the 2012 regional champion.

Players who don’t make the top three may participate in the King of the Hill tournament for additional chances to win prizes!


Early Bird Prize!
Be one of the first 16 people to pre-PAY for your registration and you will receive a limited-run set of six double-sided capital cards! Attendance is mandatory to receive an early-bird prize as they will only be distributed during sign-in on the day of the event. Limit one early bird prize per person.

1st Place

  • Regional Champion 2012 Trophy
  • Signed Regional Champion 2012 Certificate
  • 2012 Regionals Stoneware Mug
  • W:I Playmat
  • W:I Art Print

2nd Place

  • 2012 Regionals Stoneware Mug
  • W:I Playmat
  • W:I Art Print

3rd Place

  • W:I Playmat
  • W:I Art Print

4th Through 8th Place

  • W:I Art Print

Last Place

  • Card storage box from the latest W:I Game Night Kit

King of the Hill

  • W:I Playmat

Additional Prizes
The first two players to complete one of the following achievements during the event will receive a decorative sheet of uncut W:I cards from a recent battle pack. Depending on attendance, additional prizes will be made available!

  • Win a game by milling your opponent’s deck
  • Win a game with a Hero in each zone
  • Win a game with a Legend in play
  • Win a game with a Capital Center in play
  • Burn an opponent’s zone outside of the Attack phase

Note: In the event of higher than anticipated attendance, additional prizes will be distributed.

To be announced.

Swiss rounds are limited to 65 minutes (subject to modification).

Players will provide a deck list, of the cards they are competing with, during registration/sign in.

Decks may include cards from The Imperial Throne battle pack or earlier unless stated otherwise in the official rules.

The official Warhammer: Invasion tournament rules and FAQs are in effect and can be downloaded at: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3151

Note: The tournament organizers reserve the right to alter the event and/or the details outlined above with or without notification to registrants.


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