L5R: Inventory Checklist

Below is the last update this checklist will receive as I’m no longer playing L5R. AEG’s Oracle of the Void (recently released as of this writing) should be a reasonable if not superior replacement. These files will remain on the site for at least a month, after which they may or may not be removed.

The latest version of the files are available below, please see the Information sheet in the spreadsheet for instructions on how to use the checklist and how to transfer inventory data from previous versions to the latest.

Emperor Edition Only – WWaSP_L5RChecklist-EE_23feb2012.xlsx
Celestial and Emperor – WWaSP_L5RChecklist-EE&CE_23feb2012.xlsx

The following changes were made for the latest release:

  • Added some promo cards and Emperor Edition set. Currently much of the flavor and artist text for Emperor Edition is missing as are all of the Tokens.

See the change log section on the Information sheet for a complete change history.


3 Responses to L5R: Inventory Checklist

  1. Inzen says:

    Keep it up! I like the excel spreadsheet, highly useful. Just as a note, since EE is around the corner, is it possible to have an EE only spreadsheet? For some players who have no major tournament for CE, time for them to start organising their EE stuff. 🙂

    • wwasp says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve actually been considering an EE only version and my primary concern is having to maintain two separate files (which admittedly isn’t much extra work). I’ll very likely implement this when EE is released in November but now that you’ve expressed interest, it’s fueling me to get it done sooner. Depending on my time in the coming days I may build it sooner.

      Thanks again for the compliment, I really appreciate it!!

  2. ludo sparrow says:

    Very good job! It is very useful.
    Thanks to share it.
    (sorry for my bad english)

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