BFG – Imperial Navy

I painted this entire fleet in three days on a whim. They’d sat in a box for over five years and I figured that I should just get them done. I’m mainly going to use them for playing Full Thrust with Neldoreth but I do have all of the BFG rules and intend to try them out at some point.

The paint job is pretty quick and dirty but it works. I started doing some windows on some of the red ships but gave up on the rest because it’s a lot of extra work and I don’t think it adds enough to the final product for the time required. The only thing I’m not overly happy with is the bases. I probably should have practiced a bit more with the stars because they’re a bit awkward on some. Also, I wish I’d have done nebula clouds on more of the bases.

There isn’t much though behind the three colours (red/blue/green) other than trying to have a roughly even ship composition for each.


2 Responses to BFG – Imperial Navy

  1. De Dragoth says:

    Nice fleet mate. It look great!

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