L5R Emperor Edition and Checklist Update

Everyone I know who plays L5R already has their Emperor Edition cards, myself included, and I think the official release is this weekend anyway so it’s definitely time for the checklist to be updated. There are now two files, one that includes CE and EE cards and another that only includes sets that have EE legal cards (i.e. BtD and WoH or later). As usual these are available on the checklist page. I might be missing a few promo cards because I never seem to get mail from AEG and frankly I’m tired of having to tell them that I didn’t get Imperial Herald X…. sooner or later they’ll think I’m scamming them for doubles or something. Please let me know if any of the promos are missing. I could check online but haven’t.

I’ve played a few games now with the EE rules and the changes are decent. I’m becoming kind of torn about the game though because I’m realizing that I don’t really find it fun. I enjoy the tactical complexity and the deck building and whatnot but the actual game play always seems to just put me in a bad mood. This could very well be that I consistently play against top-tier players who have such a handle on the game that they seem to have an answer to everything I bring forward at any given time. My stubborn side is determined to keep going but it sort of feels like work. Every now and then I’d like to see how my decks actually work competitively so I can get a better understanding of how to play in different situations. When everything I do consistently results in a loss it’s nearly impossible to get a good feel for what was actually working. This is actually a two sided problem. On one hand, when playing against people of relatively equal experience, I win games more often or at very least make them work for a win. In those games, I also get a muddy feel for the deck because I’m not sure if I was really put through the paces or I was just profiting subconsciously off of their mistakes. On the other hand, games against the ‘elite’ seem to be exercises in futility where I lose quickly or am able to prolong the inevitable for a length of time that just makes me wonder why I’m playing the game for so long only for the same outcome.
Griping aside I’m still optimistic and excited to play, we’ll see what happens.


L5R Second City Update

Yet another month has past with little in the way of gaming, but that is in many ways a good thing because I’ve been traveling a lot, visiting a lot of people, and spending time doing a lot of the other things I enjoy. I received my boxes of Second City for L5R this last weekend and was able to update the checklist to account for them. As always, the latest version is available here: L5R Inventory Checklist

General Update and L5R Checklist Update

Seems like a while since I’ve done some proper war gaming. It’s been a busy summer of seemingly endless house renos, yard work, and other not so fun stuff such as the passing of one of my cats, a dear friend for 11 years. I’ve managed to get a few board games in which included Tannhauser, 7 Wonders, and Rattus, all of which I enjoyed. I want to get in a few more rounds with each before doing some reviews. August is full of vacation time out of city, so there will be even less going on here until September.

I’ve also been playing L5R quite a bit to help a few of my friends get prepped for the GenCon tournament… sadly I am not attending GenCon. Hopefully I’ll make my first pilgrimage next year. On that note, I’ve updated the L5R inventory checklist to include promo cards from the latest Imperial Herald as well as the GenCon promo pack. Some of them are currently missing artist names but I will update as soon as I have the cards in hand. As always, the latest version of the checklist can be found on it’s own page here: L5R Inventory Checklist

Somebody mentioned last weekend that there was a promo card missing that was given out for Kotei 2011 participation but I can’t recall which one it was. I referenced some sites to see if I was missing anything and everything seems to be there. If you can’t find the card your looking for, add a comment below and I’ll update the file.

Checklist update to fix proxy generator error

I swear I fixed this problem months ago, but the first column of cards in the proxy generator was displaying Force instead of Chi. This has been corrected along with some minor typos elsewhere. My apologies for any inconveniences.

The latest version of the file can be found here: L5R Inventory Checklist

L5R Inventory Checklist Update

The latest version of my L5R Inventory Checklist is now available and includes the forthcoming Forgotten Legacy set as well as foils, tokens, and alternate art. Be sure to check out the changelog for a full list of additions.

The checklist and additional information can be found here: L5R Inventory Checklist


My first sealed deck tournament

Last Sunday I headed down to Myth Games with HappyDD for a L5R: Before the Dawn (BtD) release tournament. Each competitor got a starter and three boosters to construct a 30/30 deck. Because BtD only includes starters for Crab, Lion, and Phoenix, I wasn’t able to play as my usual Scorpion clan and decided on the Lion starter. I played a total of 6 games. The first four games were qualifiers and I won 3 of them.
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L5R Inventory Checklist Updated

Hot on the heels of the original release I’ve uploaded a new version of the checklist that includes all cards from the War of Honor (WoH) set. Some of the cards in the set are similar to previously cards of the same name but have updated rules text, flavor text, artwork, and/or edition bugs. Take note that some of the cards are not bugged and are only intended for playing with War of Honor. Also, WoH includes a card called Ring of Flame that should not be confused with Ring of Fire as they have significant differences!

I’ve added a new page under the Resources section specifically to house these checklists so that only the latest version of the file will be available on the site at any time. That page can be found here: L5R Inventory Checklist