DreadBall Kickstarter

I mentioned Mantic‘s new DreadBall game in part two of my GenCon highlights post and since then the DreadBall Kickstarter campaign for it has exploded. Read more of this post


GenCon 2012, Part Two

Welcome to part two of my highlights from GenCon 2012!
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GenCon 2012, Part One

Yesterday I returned from my first trip to GenCon. I’ve wanted to attend to this epic convention for the last 20 years and finally made it happen. I was joined by a good friend of mine, Alchemist. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but both Alchemist and I agreed that had we attended 15 years ago, it would have been exponentially more awesome. Considering we are both much more mature and responsible with our money than in those days of frivolity, not to mention less starstruck when seeing or meeting celebrities and such, there was slightly less magic to the trip.
We got to play a lot of different games, attend several events, and usually remembered to take pictures. Below are some photos and highlights from the trip.
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Warhammer: Invasion North American Championship at GenCon 2012

Warhammer: Invasion

I packed a Dark Elf deck to GenCon 2012 specifically for the North American Championship event and ended up doing very well considering the circumstances. First off, I couldn’t decide what deck to bring, or build for that matter, so HappyDD and I discussed some options the day before I left and I ended up using a slightly modified version of one of his decks that is based around the Offering to Hekarti quest. I’ll post a deck list later when I have it handy. Secondly, I had originally planned to build a deck and test it extensively during July and June but with various holidays and other events taking priority I showed up in Indianapolis with zero prep. In fact, my experience with the deck consisted of 4 to 5 simulations of play on the night before the tournament. Alchemist (my friend who attended GenCon with me) doesn’t play W:I and I didn’t bring any other decks so it was a pretty useless exercise but I got a feel for it.
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Announcing the Warhammer: Invasion – Calgary Area Regionals 2012

I’m proud to announce that the local living card game league is hosting the Warhammer: Invasion 2012 Regionals for the Calgary area. Full details can be found on the Warhammer: Invasion – Calgary Area Regionals 2012 page.

Come join us for some great fun and prizes 😀

L5R Emperor Edition and Checklist Update

Everyone I know who plays L5R already has their Emperor Edition cards, myself included, and I think the official release is this weekend anyway so it’s definitely time for the checklist to be updated. There are now two files, one that includes CE and EE cards and another that only includes sets that have EE legal cards (i.e. BtD and WoH or later). As usual these are available on the checklist page. I might be missing a few promo cards because I never seem to get mail from AEG and frankly I’m tired of having to tell them that I didn’t get Imperial Herald X…. sooner or later they’ll think I’m scamming them for doubles or something. Please let me know if any of the promos are missing. I could check online but haven’t.

I’ve played a few games now with the EE rules and the changes are decent. I’m becoming kind of torn about the game though because I’m realizing that I don’t really find it fun. I enjoy the tactical complexity and the deck building and whatnot but the actual game play always seems to just put me in a bad mood. This could very well be that I consistently play against top-tier players who have such a handle on the game that they seem to have an answer to everything I bring forward at any given time. My stubborn side is determined to keep going but it sort of feels like work. Every now and then I’d like to see how my decks actually work competitively so I can get a better understanding of how to play in different situations. When everything I do consistently results in a loss it’s nearly impossible to get a good feel for what was actually working. This is actually a two sided problem. On one hand, when playing against people of relatively equal experience, I win games more often or at very least make them work for a win. In those games, I also get a muddy feel for the deck because I’m not sure if I was really put through the paces or I was just profiting subconsciously off of their mistakes. On the other hand, games against the ‘elite’ seem to be exercises in futility where I lose quickly or am able to prolong the inevitable for a length of time that just makes me wonder why I’m playing the game for so long only for the same outcome.
Griping aside I’m still optimistic and excited to play, we’ll see what happens.

L5R Second City Update

Yet another month has past with little in the way of gaming, but that is in many ways a good thing because I’ve been traveling a lot, visiting a lot of people, and spending time doing a lot of the other things I enjoy. I received my boxes of Second City for L5R this last weekend and was able to update the checklist to account for them. As always, the latest version is available here: L5R Inventory Checklist