GenCon 2012, Part One

Yesterday I returned from my first trip to GenCon. I’ve wanted to attend to this epic convention for the last 20 years and finally made it happen. I was joined by a good friend of mine, Alchemist. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but both Alchemist and I agreed that had we attended 15 years ago, it would have been exponentially more awesome. Considering we are both much more mature and responsible with our money than in those days of frivolity, not to mention less starstruck when seeing or meeting celebrities and such, there was slightly less magic to the trip.
We got to play a lot of different games, attend several events, and usually remembered to take pictures. Below are some photos and highlights from the trip.
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Lizardmen for Kings of War

I’ve been working with Neldoreth to playtest and tweak the Reptilemen army list that he designed for use in Kings of War. It’s been a lot of fun and I think that we’ve come up with a balanced list that is exciting to use. You can download a copy of the army list from his Hour of Wolves website here. For testing, I’ve been using my mostly assembled but unpainted GW Lizardmen figs and the fun I’ve been having with KoW has inspired me to get going on the project. I’m going to theme the bases around a jungle like swamp/marsh that has some human settlement on it. The Lizards will be driving those pesky bastards out of the jungle and back to where ever they came from! Below are photos of some work-in-progress bases that I recently started making as well as some temporary model placement shots that I’ll use for reference when the painting is complete and I glue the figs onto the finished bases. I also picked up a new tool/toy that I plan to use extensively in this project. It’s an Iwata CR Revolution air brush, complete with pistol grip moisture trap, fancy hose, and a brushrest/cleaning station. For a compressor I’m using a 3 gallon Master Craft compressor that I picked up from Canadian Tire for use in my renos. So far it has serve well for staplers and nail guns so I’ve no doubt it will be more than enough for painting… if not a tad loud. Hopefully I catch on to the technique quickly and don’t have to redo too many lizards!

WAAGHH!… Well, some of it anyway.

I finally took some proper photos of my finished Orks and added them to their own Orks gallery in the projects section. I still have 1 Looted Wagon, 1 War Wagon (actually a Forgeworld battlefortress), 9 Nobz, 1 Pain Boy, 1 MekBoy and 20 Boyz left to paint before the army is finished. It feels like a long way to go but I’m actually more than half way there!

I started this Orks army mainly because no one else in my group has them. When the Assault on Black Reach 40k start boxed set was released it was a good opportunity to get a bunch of ork models for a good price and I started with two boxes worth. While some models have had a tad more attention than others, the majority of the army is being painted primarily with a tabletop view in mind, meaning I want them to look good while playing but I’m not concerned with how they appear one close inspection.

Obsession Tracking

Roughly half way through packing for my move in October, I began cataloging all of the miniatures I own. I have yet to unpack them all but I think I have the majority of them. Logging model acquisitions and painting, while keeping a catalog is an idea I got from Neldoreth, and it allows for some interesting ways to categorize the collection.

So the following is a slightly incomplete breakdown of my current collection (unless otherwise stated they are 28mm scale or scale is not a factor).

Model count: 1059

15mm Ancients: 3%
Ancients: 5%
Battlefleet Gothic: 6%
Epic Armageddon: 9%
Fantasy: 1%
Post apocalyptic: <1%
Sci Fi: <1%
Warhammer Fantasy: 19%
Warhammer 40k: 57%

Painted: 28%
Unpainted: 72% 😦

At some point I may add a side bar widget that displays an up to date count of painted/unpainted, mainly for my own reference and amusement. It's sort of depressing to see it all laid out like that even though I know several people whose model count easily beats mine. Either ways it's also fun to know that I'm living one of my boyhood fantasies of having more minis than I know what to do with!

Hands of Mars Update

I’ve been meaning to take some photos of the dreadnoughts that I hadn’t finished when first photographing the Hands of Mars. I had a chance to shoot and upload them as well as some limited edition adeptus mechanicus models from 1992 that I’ll be using as a command squad or assault marine unit. I’ve also been wanting to incorporate dreadnought droppods into the list but since the Forge World model is way too much money for what you get I decide to try my hand at scratch building some. I found some build plans and went to work. While the end result isn’t identical to the Forge World one, I think it’s quite convincing. What do you think?

Scratchbuilting has been an interesting process and I plan to do Imperial Warhound Titan at somepoint as well. The first one I did was built completely out of paper card stock, balsa wood and a couple of bits. The next one I’m working on will use plasticard instead of paper. The process takes a bit longer but the end result should be sharper. Below are some work in progress photos of the plasitcard model as well as some selections from the new Hands of Mars photos. The full selection has been added to the army gallery here.

Incoming Space Marines

The Hands of Mars Space Marines army has been added to the army galleries. There are a few models missing because I have to take some update photos. The current images were taken about 6 months ago before I made some significant changes to the army. The Hands of Mars started from the idea of doing a Space Marines army list with 6 dreadnoughts in it. To accomplish this in terms of codex rules, you have to take the Master of the Forge as an HQ choice. The Master of the Forge is essential a high ranking tech marine, so this lead to the idea of making the army a successor chapter to the Iron Hands, who are heavy on mechanical augmentation. This also fits perfect with the dreadnought heavy theme. The army uses a combination of modified Imperial Fists iconography (although the modifications are not present in the current photos) and Iron Hands iconography. There are a few figures in the army that are converted using legs and arms from the old first generation Necrons figures that were all metal and looked horrible compared to the current plastic Necrons figures. There are several other conversions through out the army as well as some Forge World figures and bits. I’ll be updating the gallery with the missing dreadnoughts as soon as I can.
Below are a few selection images from the Hands of Mars gallery:


Unfortunately, it could be a little while before I’m able to take the update photos because fortunately I’m in the process of buying a new house. When the sale goes through I’ll be busy doing renovations and moving but the end result will include a bigger and more functional office/painting room in addition to a dedicated gaming room! I plan to document the renovation process here and hopefully inspire people who have similar opportunities in the future. Doing so will also allow me to keep posting content despite the potential lack of actual gaming and painting that may occur.

The Necrons are ‘phased’ in…

The Necrons army page is up now, with a gallery of images. I was originally painting this army for my brother but I inherited it when he ditched his friends for another city 😛

Despite what I’ve read and heard about the reduced effectiveness of the Necrons under the 5th edition rule set I still find them to still have a competitive edge. If anything, they are more balanced now and you can’t just rely on the same old power tactics that were used before.

From a paint standpoint, I intend to revisit it and add some washes and more distinct highlights when the Necrons get an updated codex and likely some new models. There is some conversion and diorama work strewn through out to add spice and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Here are a few of my favorites from the army.

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