DreadBall Kickstarter

I mentioned Mantic‘s new DreadBall game in part two of my GenCon highlights post and since then the DreadBall Kickstarter campaign for it has exploded. The game is clearly a swing at Games Workshop’s dated but ever popular Blood Bowl but it seems unique enough that I could see some of the Blood Bowl players out there picking it up and playing both games. Personally, I’ve only played Blood Bowl on the computer and while enjoyable it seemed horribly frustrating. I’m not sure how directly the computer game emulates the tabletop but it may very well be that DreadBall ends up with a similar quality. However, I think that those frustrations would be less irritating in the person to person setting, where social interaction can be keyed of any dice misgivings. System aside, I think the models look fantastic, and the release is a good move by Mantic to draw attention to their Warpath universe… Warpath will likely receive the Kickstarter treatment when it goes from beta to official release in 2013, so building a larger potential fan base now could be huge boon.

I’ve been watching the DreadBall campaign almost daily and debating whether I should pledge or not. I have few, if any, doubts about how fun the game will be but I am not sure how often it will get played or if there will be enough interest amongst friends to justify it fully. However, the Striker level pledge now includes such a crazy (and growing) array of bonus stuff that I couldn’t resist any longer (check out the photo below for an overview of the goodies as of September 13). I also threw in for the Guardian extra that gives you four goalie figures.

Hopefully by the time it ships I’ll be in a better position to get back to painting miniatures as well as having my games room finished (I’m still waist deep in reno insanity for the time being).


3 Responses to DreadBall Kickstarter

  1. neldoreth says:

    I was wondering if you’re be taking part in this one 🙂 I am struggling NOT to buy into it, but i have a feeling I won’t be able to hold out much longer… the Kings of War sucked me in of course… In any case, I’ll play with you whenever I am back in town 🙂 Looking forward to seeing those painted figs 😉

  2. neldoreth says:

    I might get the female team as well… Looks like a great deal brewing for sure!

    • wwasp says:

      I think it’s funny how they’re adding 2 figs from each of the season 2 teams to the Striker level (assuming, stretch goals are met) so that you’re enticed to pick up full teams hehe. Mantic really has the Kickstarter thing down. Should be a pretty exciting game too.

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