Changes and Moar Gamez!

Straight to business, I’m getting out of L5R. There are numerous reasons for this that can be summed up by simply saying that the time and money I put into the game don’t justify the enjoyment I get out. And I’m going to leave it at that. Unfortunately for anyone who uses my checklist spreadsheet this also means that I will not be making future updates. However, as I understand it, the Oracle of the Void is now available from AEG and will soon support exporting, so my file is pretty much obsolete anyway.

In exchange for my card collection I’m getting a reasonable pile of board games that will no doubt get more play time and better bang for the buck. On the list are: Dominion (including prosperity and seaside expansions), Ticket to Ride Europe and Europa 1912, Memoir ’44, Carcassonne, Zooloretto, Earth: Reborn, and Race for the Galaxy. All of these are games that I’ve played and enjoy or have been very interested in getting (more so than just playing before getting, if that makes sense). I should have most of them in hand by the end of the week.

I’m currently planning on writing reviews for Rune Age, Rune Wars (including the expansion), and Agricola. There are many more to come but those are the ones I’m going to tackle next. I’ve also been considering a decent way to share smaller tidbits of information about my game collection and I think the most sensible way to do it is through (BGG). If you haven’t heard of BGG, they have a massive listing of nearly every game in existence complete with ratings, market places, forums, and on and on. You can track your own collections and wishlists there as well. I’ve added a side bar to the main page that hows the last five games that I’ve played as well as a link to my BGG profile so you can see my collection, ratings, and wishlist if you’re interested.

Finally, my regular Warhammer: Invasion group has just wrapped up our first 6 week league event. It’s been a lot of fun and we’re currently trying to set up a casual Regional tournament. If we get approved I’ll post more info about it and hopefully get some more people out. I’m working on updating my W:I decklists on to reflect what I’ve actually been playing. Currently the Dwarf and Lizardmen decks are the most up to date but I should have the rest sorted out this week.


2 Responses to Changes and Moar Gamez!

  1. Wow, the end of an L5R era… Not that I’ve been gaming much at all lately either… :`(

    • wwasp says:

      Fortunately, I’ve been getting in quite a few board games lately. More so than the past few months. Never enough gaming 🙂

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