L5R Emperor Edition and Checklist Update

Everyone I know who plays L5R already has their Emperor Edition cards, myself included, and I think the official release is this weekend anyway so it’s definitely time for the checklist to be updated. There are now two files, one that includes CE and EE cards and another that only includes sets that have EE legal cards (i.e. BtD and WoH or later). As usual these are available on the checklist page. I might be missing a few promo cards because I never seem to get mail from AEG and frankly I’m tired of having to tell them that I didn’t get Imperial Herald X…. sooner or later they’ll think I’m scamming them for doubles or something. Please let me know if any of the promos are missing. I could check online but haven’t.

I’ve played a few games now with the EE rules and the changes are decent. I’m becoming kind of torn about the game though because I’m realizing that I don’t really find it fun. I enjoy the tactical complexity and the deck building and whatnot but the actual game play always seems to just put me in a bad mood. This could very well be that I consistently play against top-tier players who have such a handle on the game that they seem to have an answer to everything I bring forward at any given time. My stubborn side is determined to keep going but it sort of feels like work. Every now and then I’d like to see how my decks actually work competitively so I can get a better understanding of how to play in different situations. When everything I do consistently results in a loss it’s nearly impossible to get a good feel for what was actually working. This is actually a two sided problem. On one hand, when playing against people of relatively equal experience, I win games more often or at very least make them work for a win. In those games, I also get a muddy feel for the deck because I’m not sure if I was really put through the paces or I was just profiting subconsciously off of their mistakes. On the other hand, games against the ‘elite’ seem to be exercises in futility where I lose quickly or am able to prolong the inevitable for a length of time that just makes me wonder why I’m playing the game for so long only for the same outcome.
Griping aside I’m still optimistic and excited to play, we’ll see what happens.


One Response to L5R Emperor Edition and Checklist Update

  1. HappyDD says:

    I think what adds to the difficulty of gathering good feedback data in a game against elites is that you tend to not get comments like “You had me going, and I drew this which bailed me out of this specific situation. I put that card in because of meta-considerations.” or “You are playing a complicated version of a similar combo that could be executed using X, Y, or Z.” There isn’t much feedback after a card game.

    Furthermore, playing against people your own skill level tends to get feedback like “If you hadn’t done X, I would have won.” or “If I had done something different, I would have won.” Which I often respond to with “No shit, you would have won if you had done something different? You should have done that then with your perfect knowledge of the future.”

    It is HIGHLY POSSIBLE that the elites don’t give feedback because they don’t want to be like the people in the second paragraph and post-game is rarely a good time to accept feedback if you lost. So you could have been 1 play away from putting the game on a different course turn 2, you just didn’t recognize the importance of person Y in time. But you will never know, and it’s just another loss. The game is rather unforgiving from that point of view.

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