Recent rumblings

I’ve been spending most of my time lately looking for new employment rather than thinking on games, hence the lack of updates. I have, however, had the opportunity to try out the new Rune Age deck building game based on FFGs RuneBound/RuneWars/Descent world. It’s the first deck building game that I’ve ever played and I thoroughly enjoyed most of it. Some of the scenarios didn’t make for fun play but I should give them another go before doing up a proper review.

Aside from watching for news about new Mantic developments I’ve been keeping up on L5R news and given my recent need for new employment I have to say I’m kind of happy that the Emperor Edition release is getting pushed back two months. On another L5R note, the recent announcement about the Oracle of the Void is exciting despite being very likely to make my own checklist/deckbuilding project irrelevant. For the time being, I’m continuing to add cards to my Excel file just in case the Oracle ends up being lame. I have high hopes that it will be well built but I can’t help think that it might end up being on par with L5RSearch *shudder*. So for those who use my checklist, fear not; unless the Oracle is amazing enough for me to start using it exclusively, I will carry on with my own project!

Until next time, happy gaming.


One Response to Recent rumblings

  1. Inzen says:

    While the Oracle of Void is impressive, but it’s mainly an online feature. Unless they have the capability of offline extract/export, I do prefer the plain old excel due to its portability. I can store the file in excel and bring around with me in my portable device.

    Online is tricky in this part of the world I’m at, so offline is still preferable storage.

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