General Update and L5R Checklist Update

Seems like a while since I’ve done some proper war gaming. It’s been a busy summer of seemingly endless house renos, yard work, and other not so fun stuff such as the passing of one of my cats, a dear friend for 11 years. I’ve managed to get a few board games in which included Tannhauser, 7 Wonders, and Rattus, all of which I enjoyed. I want to get in a few more rounds with each before doing some reviews. August is full of vacation time out of city, so there will be even less going on here until September.

I’ve also been playing L5R quite a bit to help a few of my friends get prepped for the GenCon tournament… sadly I am not attending GenCon. Hopefully I’ll make my first pilgrimage next year. On that note, I’ve updated the L5R inventory checklist to include promo cards from the latest Imperial Herald as well as the GenCon promo pack. Some of them are currently missing artist names but I will update as soon as I have the cards in hand. As always, the latest version of the checklist can be found on it’s own page here: L5R Inventory Checklist

Somebody mentioned last weekend that there was a promo card missing that was given out for Kotei 2011 participation but I can’t recall which one it was. I referenced some sites to see if I was missing anything and everything seems to be there. If you can’t find the card your looking for, add a comment below and I’ll update the file.


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