Legend of the Five Rings Inventory Checklist

Ever since I got into L5R I’ve been looking for a collection management tool like deckbox.org but I haven’t found anything. The common recommendation is a program called Egg of Pan’Ku (EoPK) which, while it is sort of handy, is not a collection manager because it doesn’t allow you to track inventory. It lets you look up cards, create/save decks, and play online matches in a very tedious manner, so it’s not without use but it’s outdated and often nonsensical… the deck editor for example lists your fate cards on the left and dynasty on the right, even though it’s the other way around for actual game play. What was the thinking behind this nonsense?!

Anyway, I decided to create my own for personal use but upon seeing a thread on the official L5R forums about it I thought that sharing it would be nice.

This current version of the file covers sets and promos from the Celestial Edition. It includes inventory tracking, inventory statistics, quick look up and wishlist functionality, and a crude proxy card generator. I will be updating it as sets come out and will provide instructions on how to transfer your inventory numbers to the updated files as they come out. There are some instructions on the first sheet, mysteriously titled ‘Instructions’. The rest should be moderately easy to figure. PLEASE do not enter change anything in cells that are not shaded green because you could mess up the formulas and automation.

I hope you find it useful.
Legend of the Five Rings Inventory Checklist *EDIT* This now points to a Checklist specific page so that only the latest version is available from the site at any time.*EDIT*

I may in the future add a one time separate file for cards prior to Celestial Edition, but only if there is sufficient demand because I have no interest in it personally.


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