Everyone in the PR, Marketing, and IP deparments of Games Workshop needs to be fired.

I’d comment on this further but I’m so pissed off that it would just be swearing.


4 Responses to Everyone in the PR, Marketing, and IP deparments of Games Workshop needs to be fired.

  1. You wouldn’t be wrong for doing so. GW has lost their way entirely as to exactly what a HOBBY is supposed to be. At this point it just comes down to customers telling them how they feel with their wallets.

    Funny thing is the way GW has been ran the last few years, they’ll most likely just keep raising prices to counter the loss of business from them raising prices.

    • wwasp says:

      I definitely agree and I’m pretty much done with buying from them. I’ve considered it in the past but this recent nonsense is the last straw. Of course, I’ll continue to play 40k… and maybe, MAYBE, pick up the rest of the 5th edition codexes for armies that I have, like Necrons and Sisters but unless there is a massive change this will be the edition I stop at.
      I’m more excited for news about Mantic’s sci fi game now than before!

  2. HappyDD says:

    Zuh? Just read Gamers-Phalanx post on the topic but can’t find a press release. So they are raising prices? That’s mental, considering I already thought they had the “Warhammer premium” because of their early-entry into the industry and giant stores specializing in just their product. I think people tolerated that premium, but I’m not sure how they’ll react to it increasing further.

    For example, what about people that always thought Warmachine was cool? This might be the prompt they need.

    • wwasp says:

      It’s more than the announced increase (which has happened several times in the past). Despite making a good move by switching a large selection of their metal figures over to plastic resin, the prices announced for them are higher than their metal counterparts. Rather than lower Canadian pricing to match the US pricing given the parity of our currency, they’re going to instead increase US prices to match Canadian. There’s other shit but the price bs is really whats pushing me over the edge. The new terms and conditions for retailers denies the people from selling products that don’t match the official language of their ‘home’ country and also restricts them from selling outside of certain regions. I’m not sure of the full extent of it but I know that if you are a retailer in the EU, starting May 31 you will only be able to sell to people located in the EU.
      I haven’t confirmed the US to Canadian pricing thing but even if it’s not totally true, the other points are enough.

      Price increases: http://www.darksphere.co.uk/ Loook at some of those! 25 fucking percent!
      Terms and Conditions: http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=new&ref=212

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