AEG customer service… amazing!

I just received a package from AEG with the missing items that I mentioned in my L5R review post. The items are a set of foil cards specific to my clan. Much to my amazement and delight, AEG included a Scorpion clan backed Imperial Favor card as well as a complete set of Scorpion clan plastic tokens! Thank you very much AEG!

The plastic tokens are made by Gale Force 9 and I’m quite impressed with the quality of them. Each token has a velvety backing on the under side and the details of the face side are very crisp.


3 Responses to AEG customer service… amazing!

  1. HappyDD says:

    They gave you that stuff for free? Wicked! For some reason, the staff at a game store in Toronto, Ontario said that dealing with AEG was like dealing with a bunch of people in a clubhouse that also ran a business. As far as I can tell, they implied that dealing with them was an inconsistent experience. Juxtaposed to the reports from Calgary, Alberta stores that say it is an overwhelming positive, I don’t know what to think… At least they treat their customers to a never-ending avalanche of freebies!

  2. wwasp says:

    The difference may be that the people at the Calgary stores are L5R players, so when they deal with each other they may be speaking the same language rather than just ordering product. Interesting none the less however.

  3. HappyDD says:

    I figure it is just a case of a bad interaction or something, and then they threw up their hands in the Toronto store and said “This company is just so bad to deal with!”

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