Horus Heresy battle report

HappyDD wrote up a narrative battle report of our first Horus Heresy game last Thursday and sent it along for me to post here. Enjoy 🙂

Horus Heresy
Alternate History – WWaSP (Traitor Forces) vs. HappyDD (Imperial Forces) in the
Battle for Terra.
Result: Imperial Victory with the death of Horus.

The siege of Terra began with a bombardment of the planet that changed its surface, opening massive crevasses that scared the landscape. After this bombardment, the traitors began landing forces on the planet to form a beachhead. The first drop pods of the traitors landed Angron and World Eaters forces at Space Port Primus and Death Guard forces at Eternity Well Spaceport.

The taint of the beings that influenced Horus was not limited to the Traitors landing on Terra. Prior to the commencement of Traitor advancement across the plains towards the Palace, voices from the Warp called out to Imperial defenders on Terra, turning all of the Imperial units charged with the defence of Lions Gate Spaceport to the side of the Traitors. South of the palace, formerly loyal guardsmen and tank divisions turned on Imperial tank divisions, clearing out all but the western side of the Imperial plateau of loyal troops. More bombardments fell on the defenders, but only a single Imperial Titan was hit, and the damage was not substantial.

With the corrupted guardsmen and tank divisions now holding Lions Gate Spaceport, reinforcements arrived from the Traitor warhost. Emperor’s Children space marines, led by their primarch Fulgrim, took up the defense of the Spaceport, giving the Traitor forces three of the four spaceports.

The initial landing of forces across Imperial holdings forced the Emperor to act. Jaghatai Khan and a contingent of White Scars marines raced down to Spaceport Primus, the port held by Angron, and attacked, supported by Imperial forces and a massive titan. Angron, glad for the challenge, met the Khan in combat on the field as the Imperial forces surrounded the spaceport. As his World Eaters marines fell around him under the onslaught of loyalist forces, Angron forced his way through the exploding bolts to force the Khan into one-on-one battle. Angron’s ferocity proved too much for the Khan: Angron overpowered Jaghatai Khan and snapped the
Khan’s back over his knee. The Khan’s armour proved useless as Angron delivered crushing blows to the wounded loyal Primarch, who could hold out no longer.

The White Scars troops in the Khan’s retinue were unable to continue fighting while bearing witness the unfathomable event transpiring in front of them. Angron hoisted the dead Primarch above his head and threw the once noble Khan to the
ground, an act that forced the White Scars north of the spaceport into a fractured retreat. Despite the death of their hero, the forces south and east of the spaceport continued to assault, killing all the defenders save Angron himself, who remained

Things looked bleak for the Imperial forces as more World Eaters arrived at Space Port Primus via port landings to support Angron. Drop pods bearing the mark of the Thousand Sons rained down upon Spaceport Damocles, the final Imperial controlled spaceport, bringing Magnus the Red and 3 detachments of his marines to the battle. Upon his arrival, Magnus immediately triggered orbital bombardment on the hapless defenders, decimating them. Spaceport Damocles fell to the Traitor forces. This meant that all of the Spaceports on the map were under Traitor control, however the Warp had not yet coalesced to a point where the forces of Chaos could
stream into existence unhindered, so Horus’ victory was not complete.

The word of the loss of Spaceport Damocles reached Rogal Dorn at the Imperial Palace, and he knew that if the spaceports remained in Traitor control it would be a disaster for the defenders of Terra. With his contingent of Imperial Fists, Dorn came charging out of the palace to destroy the single Nurgle unit guarding the Eternity Wall Spaceport. (Prior to this attack, two thirds of the Nurgle forces holding the spaceport wandered off into the plains north of the palace, Horus’ plan victimized by the changeable whims of the Chaos gods.)

Not to be deterred, Horus decided it was time to act and dropped himself with 3 squads of Death Guard north of the Lions Gate Spaceport, to the east of the Palace. The Imperial Palace was now beset on the East by Emperor’s Children and Death
Guard forces led by the Warmaster and supported by Fulgrim. To further bolster his forces, Horus called on Mortarian and all the remaining space marines that followed Horus to land south of the Palace. The siege of the palace began with a massive
battle between the forces led by Sanginius, Mortarian, and Fulgrim. The loss of life included multiple traitor guardsmen and one squad of Blood Angels defenders.

To the south, the remaining White Scars marines led a massive assault on Space Port Primus, killing Angron in an unstoppable wave of forces and avenging Khan. The Emperor now held two spaceports as did Horus, with Magnus the Red unopposed in the South and Horus leading the assault on the Imperial Palace. With the arrival of Horus on Terra, spaceports lost their strategic importance as both sides strove to strike down the leader of the opposing force.

The Manufactor General, until now holed up in a factory near Spaceport Primus and contributing nothing to the Emperor’s cause, rallied most of those who defeated Angron and led a force east towards Spaceport Damocles. As the Imperial forces approached, Magnus the Red fled north with his Thousand Sons squads towards the Imperial Palace to help the assault developing there.

At the palace, Mortarion, Fulgrim, and Horus continued assaulting Sanguinius, who was near death with the amount of punishment the Traitor forces threw at the palace walls. Rogal Dorn abandoned the Eternity Wall spaceport to two squads of Imperial Fists and went to shore up the defences against Horus. The Traitor forces massed at the eastern wall and prepared for a massive push into the
Palace, hoping to gain a foothold within its walls in order to drop troops directly into the palace and assault the Emperor in his throne room. Time grew short for the Traitors, however, as only a few more hours would lead to the arrival of the Ultramarines, Space Wolves, and Dark Angels legions, which would surely turn the battle unwinnable.

Horus and his Death Guard complement assaulted the walls of the palace and killed a squad of Imperial Fists, but Dorn stood tall. Horus was hurt, but not injured in the battle as the forces clashed. Dorn could not finish off Horus and the wall of the palace was breached; it was only a matter of time before the defenders would be slaughtered with their protection reduced to rubble.

Sanguinius, sensing that the time to strike at Horus’ personal guard was upon him, launched an assault against Horus and his massive Death Guard contingent with his handful of Blood Angels. An historical battle followed, with Sanguinius launching into Horus’ weakened personal guard. When the dust settled, Sanguinius stood triumphant and Horus lay dead at his feet. The Heresy ended with Terra aflame and the Traitor legions fleeing into the Eye of Terror.


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  1. rhys says:

    Ummm, wrong..

  2. rhys says:

    Angron can’t die 😉

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