Audio Book Review: Spook Country

Spook Country by William Gibson
Spook Country is a departure from what William Gibson is typically known for but it is well executed and his techno-savvy still shines through. I began writing this review with the ‘what I liked/what I didn’t like’ structure that I used for my first two reviews but quickly realized that it just didn’t work. There’s nothing that I didn’t like about Spook Country. There were a couple of times that I had trouble remembering who was who and why they were important but I think that was largely due to distractions that may have pulled my attention from the audio.
That said, there wasn’t anything overly notable about the story either. The story had a near future and plausibly present tense feeling to it that was believable and I could relate to a lot of the concepts and scenarios in a more realistic sense than one does with science fiction. I came away with a content feeling at the end more than anything and say that it is a good casual reading or casual listening type story… perfect for painting to! The narration by Robertson Dean was excellent. He uses easily distinguishable voices for different character’s and his naturally soothing clarity of speech is a perfect neutrality for narrative text.


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