WAAGHH!… Well, some of it anyway.

I finally took some proper photos of my finished Orks and added them to their own Orks gallery in the projects section. I still have 1 Looted Wagon, 1 War Wagon (actually a Forgeworld battlefortress), 9 Nobz, 1 Pain Boy, 1 MekBoy and 20 Boyz left to paint before the army is finished. It feels like a long way to go but I’m actually more than half way there!

I started this Orks army mainly because no one else in my group has them. When the Assault on Black Reach 40k start boxed set was released it was a good opportunity to get a bunch of ork models for a good price and I started with two boxes worth. While some models have had a tad more attention than others, the majority of the army is being painted primarily with a tabletop view in mind, meaning I want them to look good while playing but I’m not concerned with how they appear one close inspection.


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