Lizardmen for Kings of War

I’ve been working with Neldoreth to playtest and tweak the Reptilemen army list that he designed for use in Kings of War. It’s been a lot of fun and I think that we’ve come up with a balanced list that is exciting to use. You can download a copy of the army list from his Hour of Wolves website here. For testing, I’ve been using my mostly assembled but unpainted GW Lizardmen figs and the fun I’ve been having with KoW has inspired me to get going on the project. I’m going to theme the bases around a jungle like swamp/marsh that has some human settlement on it. The Lizards will be driving those pesky bastards out of the jungle and back to where ever they came from! Below are photos of some work-in-progress bases that I recently started making as well as some temporary model placement shots that I’ll use for reference when the painting is complete and I glue the figs onto the finished bases. I also picked up a new tool/toy that I plan to use extensively in this project. It’s an Iwata CR Revolution air brush, complete with pistol grip moisture trap, fancy hose, and a brushrest/cleaning station. For a compressor I’m using a 3 gallon Master Craft compressor that I picked up from Canadian Tire for use in my renos. So far it has serve well for staplers and nail guns so I’ve no doubt it will be more than enough for painting… if not a tad loud. Hopefully I catch on to the technique quickly and don’t have to redo too many lizards!


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