WiP Emperor’s Champion

Progress on my Orks has been coming along quite well and I’ve taken some pictures of the finished models however most of them turned out blurry though so I need to reshoot. I also took some shots of a nearly finished Emperor’s Champion model I’m using as a test figure to finalize the colour scheme for my Black Templars army. I’d say he’s about 95% complete. Enjoy and I’ll have some Ork shots ready to go in the next day or so!


3 Responses to WiP Emperor’s Champion

  1. trigsim says:

    i like the model, and i have two questions, I am actually in the process of painting this exact mini, but it’s a little more plain that yours, all I would like to know is how you went about painting your sword and how you did the black shading on the little ruby type things on his belt.

    • wwasp says:

      Thanks for the comment! I’ll do my best to describe how I painted the sword and gems, let me know if you need any clarification.

      For the sword, I started by painting the blade silver and then applying a wash of Citadel Devlin Mud. I then made select highlights to the etched letters using a brighter silver (I can’t recall most of the specific paint names but I used Vallejo Game Color paints and Citadel washes on this fig). I then painted the tapered area of the blade black. Using a light, bluish grey (ghost grey or wolf grey maybe) I made thin highlights to the to tip of the blade as well as near the hilt. I built those highlights up so that they are brightest at the very tips of each area. for a couple of sections on the flat of the taper I added paired vertical stripes of the same color to give the black an implied sheen.

      The hilt, pommel, and handle/grip were first painted dark brown (Charred Brown?). The hilt and pommel were then painted gold and given a wash or two of Ogryn flesh. I then highlighted that progressively with two lighter shades of gold and finished with a very very small highlight of bright silver in select spots. The brown parts of the handle were highlighted with a single pass of a slightly lighter brown than the base coat brown. I then picked out the small line of cord that is wound around the handle with gold and silver. The result I was looking for was a dark leather wound with a thin metal cord.

      The gems on the sword and belt were done the same way so I’ll just describe them all at once. I start by painting the entire gem black. Then I paint the entire gem with a very dark red… I think I used a 50/50 mix of black and the darkest Game Color red. Then I painted the bottom 1/2 to 1/3 of the gems with the darkest red in a sort of ‘U’ shape following the general curvature of the gem. Using the next two brighter shades of red I highlight that U shape so it gets brighter towards the bottom of the gem. To finish of I put a small white dot in the darkest part of the gem, slightly off center as well as a small dot or two in the brightest red section, also off center but opposite the first dot.

      I hope that helps and wish I could tell you specific paint colors but I’m unfortunately unable to get to my painting desk at the moment.

      • trigsim says:

        Actually that was a great description, thanks, that should help me a lot on doing some shading and such on mine.

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