Obsession Tracking

Roughly half way through packing for my move in October, I began cataloging all of the miniatures I own. I have yet to unpack them all but I think I have the majority of them. Logging model acquisitions and painting, while keeping a catalog is an idea I got from Neldoreth, and it allows for some interesting ways to categorize the collection.

So the following is a slightly incomplete breakdown of my current collection (unless otherwise stated they are 28mm scale or scale is not a factor).

Model count: 1059

15mm Ancients: 3%
Ancients: 5%
Battlefleet Gothic: 6%
Epic Armageddon: 9%
Fantasy: 1%
Post apocalyptic: <1%
Sci Fi: <1%
Warhammer Fantasy: 19%
Warhammer 40k: 57%

Painted: 28%
Unpainted: 72% 😦

At some point I may add a side bar widget that displays an up to date count of painted/unpainted, mainly for my own reference and amusement. It's sort of depressing to see it all laid out like that even though I know several people whose model count easily beats mine. Either ways it's also fun to know that I'm living one of my boyhood fantasies of having more minis than I know what to do with!


2 Responses to Obsession Tracking

  1. neldoreth says:

    Awesome! Maybe we can brainstorm a way to keep from going crazy with so many unpainted figs… Of course, I can take the blame for all of your ancients I think… Sorry about that!


    • wwasp says:

      For sure. Most of my unpainted stuff is in boxes piled in a cupboard, so I tend not to realize how much I really have to do. With this new painting space I’m thinking of storing everything in a more viewable manner. I suppose that could make me go more crazy but it might stop me from buying more stuff! 😀

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