The project that I’ve been focusing on is to paint my 40k ork army. I’ve got all of the figs assembled and about half of them painted. Today I was putting down a wash on 20 model squad of boyz including one nob. I haven’t gotten around to photographing any of the finished orks yet but I took a couple snaps of today’s work. This particular army came about primarily because none of our regular group has an ork army and we had various models floating around from the Assault on Black Reach boxed set and other older acquisitions. As such the primary goal is to get the army finished and playable without worrying too much about how good they look. I did try to make some dynamic poses and do some characterful conversion work but for painting I just want them to look good on the table.
The two close shots of the boy with the big shoota is from a previously completed unit. You’ll notice what I mean about paint job quality; it looks sort of messy so close up but at table top distance it looks quit nice! 😀


2 Responses to Orks!

  1. staffofpower says:

    Those are some good looking orks, it is comforting to know that basically there is no wrong way to do an ork. The other good thing about orks is we never lose, we may not always win, but we never lose. If you like orks and are interested there is a book about orks called “Dakkatoof” that is about the way of the ork and considers humans to be the aliens. You can find it at http://dakkatoof.blogspot.com/

    • wwasp says:

      Thanks! Orks are great for that.
      I’m hoping to have time to take some photos of some of the painted units this weekend.

      Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll check it out. I like the idea of seeing things from nonhuman perspectives… something that I think human beings could learn a whole hell of a lot from (fiction or not).

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