Book reviews and much needed gaming

Someone may have noticed that there is a text box on the side bar of this site that says what I’m currently reading. I initially added it to fill the site with some content of sorts and wasn’t entirely sure that I would keep it. At the same time I considered the possibility of doing a review of books as I finish them and have decided to have my first crack at the endeavor as you will see in the following post. I actually finished reading the book a while back, before I moved in fact, and wasn’t sure at the time that I would bother with reviews. I’ve never reviewed a book before so hopefully it evolves into something people enjoy. To that end I’ll probably experiment with a few different formats or approaches as I work on each review until I find something I like. To start with I’m just going to give my opinion of the book rather than a ‘proper’ summarizing review (there are enough of them out there I think).
I’m met up with Neldoreth last night for some much needed Kings of War action. The finalized rules for which are now available for free on the Mantic website. We play tested an unofficial Lizardmen army list that Neldoreth created and it gave me a chance to use my own Lizardmen army for the first time ever. He also has an excellent Human army list completed that is available on his website.
The lizards faced off against the undead and got brutally slaughtered over the course of five full turns. We concluded that the loss was primarily due to my poor deployment choices and as well as some unlucky rolling early on. The list itself seems to be quite balanced and we decided on a small change to one of the rules that was too under powered for it’s cost. It allows certain units to heal damage by rapidly regrowing limbs, something we thought was suiting for a reptilian species. I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera so I didn’t get any photos but Neldoreth had his and may post something on his website about it so stay tuned.


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