Kings of War Beta Testing

Last week Mantic released the beta version of the rules for their new game Kings of War. The rules were written by the renowned Alessio Cavatore, of GW fame. The rules will be free even after they are in final production version and for now they can be downloaded here: Kings of War Closed Beta Rules. Just be sure to download both the rules and the army list.

On Tuesday, Neldoreth (from An Hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields) and I headed down to a local game store to give the rules a test run. Not having any miniatures set up in the same unit structure specified in the KoW rules, we used Neldoreth’s beautifully painted Hordes of the Things (HotT) units. We’ve since decided that we are going use a modified KoW basing standard so that we can easily use the units for either HotT or KoW depending one what sort of game we feel like playing.

The rules are super easy to learn and the game plays very fast. We did two 1000 points per side games in under 2 hours! We are both very impressed with the game and have little to no criticisms. In fact, as far as the rules are concerned we think they are about perfect. Our only criticisms are directed towards specific units that seem to be underpowered considering their points costs. We’ve been weighing in on the official beta-rules feedback forum, so those who are interested can head over and see more of our detailed opinions on various aspects of the rules and game.

For our test games we played High Elves against Undead. I’ve uploaded some photos from the games (below) and you can find more detailed pictures of the actual units on Neldoreth’s website (High Elves, undead).

There is so much good about this game that it’s hard to know where to start. It’s easy to learn and fast to play but also allows for an incredible amount of flavorful tactics and strategies. You can even play with a chess clock and incorporate player times into the the results. We opted to give this a try and found it to be a welcome addition to the table. If you are at all interested in fantasy war gaming I highly recommend you give these rules a try. I’ve been wanting to get into Warhammer Fantasy for a long time now and actually have about three armies for it (Orcs, Vampire Counts, and Lizardmen) but I have never actually tried the game. The, now, 200 page rulebook and associated costs (both monetary and time to learn the rules) have been too restricting to add to my 40k habits. But now with Kings of War I have a free set of rules that come in at a whopping 12 pages and I can finally make use of all those Fantasy figs that I’ve been dying to get on the table.


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  1. rakathu says:

    Always good to hear about people playing KoW! you might want to check out the mantic forum over on, and if you like it feel free to send lord marcus a pm and he’ll get you into the Mantic-fanatic social group.

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